To Whom It May Concern:

If your Parish is considering having a Mission, consider hosting Paul Koleske (Ko-Less-Key).

Paul is a Catholic in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Archdiocese. He has a Lay Catholic Speaking & Music Ministry and conducts Parish Missions.  For more information on Paul’s background click on this link

Paul Koleske’s Mission Series is inspirational.

We can possess much knowledge about our great Faith, but if not inspired to take action, and use that knowledge for building Christ’s Church, increasing spiritual growth and helping others do the same, we can fall short of being the best stewards possible!

When Paul shares his Mission Series, it is meant to inspire your congregation and get them to understand that they, when working with God as their “Source”, are the epicenter of great possibilities. Paul helps individuals in your faith community fully accept the fact that God indwells them and has endowed them with incredible power to achieve great things! He does this using story telling, Holy-Spirit-inspired musical compositions, and his teachings with the spoken word – all while engaging the audience to maximize their comprehension.  Paul helps people replace the old paradigm of “I am separate from God” with a,”oneness with God mindset” and then gives them some new insight into how they can increase their awareness of the Presence of The Holy Spirit within and use this gift for greater good. In short, his message empowers Catholics to live a more fruitful spiritual life.

Paul’s ministry also presents a fresh look at treasures in scripture that are beacons as to how we all can live as we follow in the footsteps of Christ, by truly utilizing the’ Light of Christ’.  Jesus, our ultimate model for how to live life, intended all His followers to experience the power of His resurrection in many ways in their everyday lives!

Paul has a background in personal development, personal mentoring and has had parish involvement as a Cantor, Parish Council member (former president), and Evangelization committee member as co-chairman.

Paul is an inspirational speaker (not a motivational speaker).  Although his message will inspire all, the true meaning of motivation is having a reason, a motive to act or take action. That is something that is a personal matter for each member of your parish. Paul’s teachings increase peoples’ belief in the power God gives them. Paul’s ministry also shares practical techniques people can use to increase their connection with the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Paul will, in very simple terms teach your congregation why and how they are already “wired” to succeed in building up themselves and the Church.  He’ll give several ideas that will show how your parishioners can exercise the true meaning of education which is to draw from within. And on what power do we draw from? The Risen Christ!

Paul’s 3 night Mission is constructed under the broad “umbrella” of Igniting the Light of Christ within you…

‘Igniting the Light of Christ within you!’

Many would agree that religion is doing “things” to get right with God.  But, Jesus calls us to a personal relationship with Him!

So what’s the difference between the two?  Doesn’t “religion” already connect me, and allow me to personally experience and live out the Light of Christ that resides within me?

There is a great chasm between the two concepts stated above and it is imperative that Catholics learn how to be more aware, understand, and know (feel) the Power of the Risen Christ in their daily lives on a moment-by-moment basis!

Paul Koleske covers these all-important topics in his 3 night Mission Series entitled; ‘Igniting the Light of Christ within you!’

Paul’s Mission of Inspiration for your parish has 3 parts:

  • Connecting with the Light of Christ
  • Experiencing the Light of Christ
  • Living the Light of Christ

Connecting with the Light of Christ

Paul had a turning point that he terms a “conversion experience” in his walk as a “lukewarm” Catholic Christian. When he asked a special favor of God, he got a bit more than he bargained for. During Mission night #1 – Connecting with the Light of Christ, Paul will share this miracle story as a reminder that miracles are possible and in fact happen every day.

And let’s not forget the miracle of the Mass and transubstantiation!  Paul will point to two powerful stories (approved by the church) as proof of the miracle of transubstantiation with a recent story that will surprise all those in attendance.

Paul also points out why most people are missing the “spirit” required to move mountains in their lives and the Church. Most people simply don’t fully believe and thus, have a timid spirit that is not attractive and thus does not inspire themselves or others. People simply lack faith in themselves and their ability and often times in the inspired word of the gospel! Paul teaches about the “miracle of you”.

Paul points out the miracle of life, our minds and bodies and how they were meant to function with the Light of Christ coursing through our beings! And wait until your congregation sees the visual of conclusive proof of the Presence of Christ within!

Experiencing the Light of Christ

Experiencing the Light of Christ on a personal level is something all Catholics need to improve on.

In order to fully experience the Living Christ, Catholics must understand additional aspects of the mind-body function that they choose to set up and experience each day of their lives! In this all-important series, Paul teaches Catholics about the power of the spoken word and shares several practical ideas on what your parishioners can do to break the mental cycles of anxiety, fear, doubt, worry, and guilt. All this information has its roots in the scriptures and several powerful verses will be discussed to engage the audience so that they understand at a deeper level.

Paul will also share 3 very essential tools for spiritual growth for increased manifestation of the Holy Spirit to better experience the Light of Christ.

Living the Light of Christ

Paul will relate an incredible story where he was unlawfully imprisoned for 21 months because he wouldn’t bear false witness against himself. This matter involved a very important Constitutional and moral issue where he felt it was his civic duty to stand up for the Truth!  And more importantly he’ll disclose how the Presence of the Holy Spirit sustained him, and in fact bolstered his faith in the Catholic Church.  As a result, Paul’s Music & Speaking ministry has taken him across the united states of America. It all happened due to that “trial” and desert experience that strengthened his spirit and resolve as a Catholic Christian!

Paul will alert your congregation to the warning signs they are most probably experiencing that “imprison” them and limit their effectiveness in their lives, the parish, and The Church as a whole!

Paul points out the difference between “why me” vs. for what purpose? He teaches why limitations and the “trials” we all face can be the greatest resource to greater good.

And, as with all Paul’s spoken word presentations, he selects songs from his inspired music that will illumine the topics discussed and point toward solutions to parishioners’ concerns. The clear messages, in Paul’s music, act as a lasting reminder that people can use long after the Mission to lift up their spirit and vision.

Your faith community will remember this Mission experience for years to come!

Yours in Christ,

Paul Koleske

(262) 939-7456

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