What would Paul do if he came to my parish?

  • Concerts – Paul usually starts his service relationship with a parish by having a Sunday afternoon or evening concert. His contemporary music has selections that are appropriate for the Mass as well as the church concert format. When Paul is invited to a Catholic church he plays a few songs at each of the Masses. This accomplishes two things; Paul and your congregation get to worship together and the parishioners get acquainted with his music so they have a reason to come to the Sunday concert.
  • Missions – Paul also does Parish Missions. He has been described by many as a gifted inspirational speaker. It should be noted that in addition to his speaking ministry, Paul does include his music in his Missions and the combination of the two proves to be a great blend for spiritual enhancement.
  • Talks – Paul has several talks that can be integrated into various group meetings, conferences or mission nights. Paul usually speaks on topic that center on the virtue of FAITH. He offers very inspirational messages that help the listener realize how an “active” faith empowers them to do much more to build the kingdom of God as well as themselves.
  • Workshops – Paul can conduct workshops that will teach improved productivity, and creativity all with the purpose of aiding the attendees to accomplish more in their specific missions. Paul teaches specific formulas for goal setting and accomplishment, time management and attitude development (all with a spiritual emphasis). These are often areas that hinder or limit productivity in a church community and in an individual’s overall life.
  • Retreats – Paul can conduct retreats and design a program to meet your needs.
  • Youth Ministry – Paul’s musical compositions contains offers a great message to the younger set. When ministering to the youth, Paul speaks and sings, relating the song’s message to the spiritual lives of the listeners. When songs are explained in detail, it gives the listener an “anchor” that allows them to recall the important spiritual messages contained therein and helps to imprint the lesson learned in a more permanent fashion.

How would we promote a Paul Koleske concert?

Promoting a concert is easy. There are bulletin templates that you can get from the MEDIA tab on the top of Paul’s website homepage. Simply start inserting these announcements in your church bulletin three weeks before the event and each week thereafter as well as the weekend of the concert. Each announcement has Paul’s website address which generates more interest and increases attendance. These announcements and website link can be shared with Diocese websites, neighboring churches or clusters to “get-the-word-out”.

Why would I want to bring in contemporary music when we only do traditional?

If that’s all your congregation wants to hear then there’s no discussion. However, I’ve been to many churches where people love what their music directors do, yet at the same time they want something different now and then and believe me, they tell me but are afraid to bring it up because they don’t like confrontation. That’s why many people listen to more than one music station on their radios. Variety has been called the “spice of life” and with good reason!

We’ve never done this before…is it a lot of work?

No. Other than the bulletin announcements and a securing a table, Paul handles the setup of his equipment, the announcement of the event at each Mass, and the take-down. Look at the MEDIA link and review the “what we need to prepare list” and see what is needed.

How much does this all cost?

Paul has his customary stipends listed on his price sheets. Paul may receive a stipend, honorarium, or speaking fee and free will gift offering based on the type of event booked. He always makes his CDs available for sale at each event. Paul also receives reimbursement for any related travel expenses like gasoline, tolls, or lodging.

How far in advance should I book an event?

Generally, Paul takes bookings up to 24 months in advance. The most popular seasons are Lent and Advent and these fill up quickly. Call 262-939-7456 today if you have questions as to the availability of a given date!