It’s Time To Launch Now!!!

Greetings and welcome to Paul Koleske’s blog. With this media I hope to inform, enlighten, entertain and share insights that I’ve been blessed to learn over the years. I hope you find what I post to be useful in your life.

The biggest contribution I believe I can make is in the area of music. My soon-to-be-released CD, THANK YOU LORD, contains 13 contemporary christian songs. I wrote these while undergoing an incrdeible “DESERT” EXPERIENCE. We will come back to that at a later date. I will post an in-depth article telling the story from another perspective. Just stay tuned and you’ll get the facts in time.

The music is where I’ll keep it for now as that focus has the most potential for good. I want you to familiarize yourself with my music because I believe it can help increase the spiritual part of your life. Far too much of most peoples’ time is spent with an “exterior” emphasis. Trying to control or manipulate various outcomes by focusing on externals only is a grave mistake. It’s best to look past or through circumstances that “appear” to be bad and see the opportunity in every situation.

Finding our spiritual center should be our top priority, our first goal. Then watch how the landscape changes on the “outside” with a fresh renewing of the mind on the inside of you. My prison experience only enhanced my spiritual connection to God. And, for the judgmental who might think I’m nuts for even attempting to pontificate about anything, I have two strong suggestions. Rather than be judgmental, be curious as to why my path went the way it did. Listen to my music very closely and then ask yourself, where did this stuff come from and why?