Special Event Budgeting

I’m running into many churches that are venturing into the arena of hosting special events for their congregations.

Sometimes budget concerns keep an event from happening, an event that would have given extra “spirit” to the family of any given church. When this is the case, consider doing a combination event.

A combination event is when two or more departments (ministries) of the church each sponsor the event. The upside is that it is easier to afford and your congregation gets 2 special events while the artist or presenter is in town for that time period.

Some sample combination events are bring an artist in to do Youth Ministry while having that same person present to the congregation at large on the next day or evening. Thus, Youth Ministry and the Music/Liturgy departments can co-host an event weekend or two day event splitting the appearance stipend and travel expense of the person coming in to present/perform.

Faith/Adult Formation and Youth Ministry is yet another combination that might work well with many churches.

In addition, two or three nearby churches could sponsor an event along with the same departments in other neighboring churches helping to minimize the outlay while offering a quality presentation to all concerned.

The is always a way to make a special event happen at your church!

If you need to discuss how this might apply to your situation, feel free to contact Paul Koleske @ 262-939-7456!

Paul is a Christian Singer and Speaker and has special event solutions for your church!!!