Hello Everyone:


Here’s the latest Paul Koleske inspirational reflection   Thursday’s Prayer! 

In the next 3 months I’ll send you the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday prayers too.

Do you feel whole? You are you know! Why? Because all the faculties that God gives you are gifts from Him to use to bless, heal and inspire!

When The Giver gives you these gifts, you are whole and complete, ready to do the will of God! And, when you have the attitude that you are abundantly supplied with the tools you need to carry out God’s purpose for your life, you’re 51% of the way to accomplishing those things that you must!

Lastly, when you count your blessings, your attitude of gratitude goes out ahead of you to smooth the way and make things a little easier to handle….



Thursday’s Prayer


I know the Lord is at hand, and I am not anxious.

Today, I will not worry or fret about conditions that do not seem right or orderly to me. I will do what it is possible for me to do to make them right, and then I will let go of all anxiety and trust in the Lord to do the rest.

I will keep my faith centered in God and in His law of good. I will not judge by appearances, but I will always keep in mind the truth that God is in all and through all and that His good purposes are fulfilled.

More than I know, my faith, my calm assurance of God’s presence and power will bless the condition that seems fixed and unyielding and set in motion God’s transforming power.

Where to human sense it seems impossible to do anything to improve a situation, yet with God there is always a way.

Today I will remind myself that “the Lord is at hand” and I will go about my day’s activities poised and secure in the knowledge that God’s right answers are now being revealed. 

“The Lord is at hand. Have no anxiety.”  – Phil. 4:5-6.              



May God bless you and yours in a special way this Thursday and always!


Paul Koleske