Now that many concerts on my THANK YOU LORD tour have taken place, I thought I'd share an update. I am currently booking events as far out as Lent 2015. So far, Pastors, Faith Formation Directors, Music Directors, Liturgical Directors, Youth Ministers, DREs, etc. from all across the united states of America have requested information on concerts, mission nights, retreats, youth ministry and even workshops. If you have specific questions as to how I could help conduct any one of these events at your church, just call me @ 262-939-7456

My current website format is set up to get all visitors directly to the vital information they need when deciding to book an event with my music/speaking ministry. My home page gives what I do and the music is accessible in third to quarter-length songs to give visitors a listen, along with a look at my ministry.

The full-length songs were cut back to 90 to 120 second sound bytes to save on the bandwidth useage. We had to raise the bandwidth limits 4 times in order to facilitate all the traffic to the site. Thanks for your interest!

Please feel free to add your name and email address to the "Receive My Monthly Inspirational Reflection" signup form under my picture on the Homepage of my website. I'd love to share stories, inspirational quotes and more with you in hopes of brightening your day and lifting your spirit. Refer a friend to do the same by giving them my site address of

My concert style consists of the spoken word with reflections on the meaning(s) of each song played. The goal is to aid you in achieving a heightened awareness spiritually. By meditating on each song's message you'll hopefully gain much insight into your own circumstance in your life and find a deeper purpose as you travel your path in discovering, answering and understanding God's will for your spiritual journey. I urge you to come out to one of my concerts and experience your "inner-self". As you realize and feel the Presence within, let God speak to you through the music that He wrote through me. The songs all point to Christ's messages of Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Healing, Faith and Hope! If you are on staff with a church and considering bringing me to your congregation, don't hesitate to call with any question or concern. I'm also available for conference calls to groups or committees that are deciding which special event ministry they should bring in next. Just dial (262) 939-7456 to schedule a time to talk. I promise you will not be disappointed and I do want to speak to and/or meet you personally!

My bookings these days are mostly Parish Missions as my 'IGNITING THE LIGHT OF CHRIST WITHIN' Missions Series has extremely well-received with many parishes combining a Concert as part of the Parish Mission. To find out more just call me to discuss your particular Mission needs to see if we have a fit. God Bless You……. Paul Koleske