Paul Koleske offers a unique combination of fresh, uplifting contemporary Christian music and inspirational spoken word for the Catholic Church.  His music and message will touch each member of your congregation! It’s no secret that music is a vital part of worship! Paul’s music is appropriate for a church concert, afternoon/evening of reflection, and has its place in the Mass. Paul’s music is personally composed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. His singing voice is soothing to the ear. Paul’s vocal ability combined with his acoustic guitar style and song lyrics, offer an exceptional listening experience that speaks to the mind, touches the heart, and enlivens the spirit!  Note: When Paul assists at Mass, he simply plays the acoustic guitar adding his soothing vocals to each of the songs both before and during Mass.

Paul is also a polished inspirational speaker and provides a great new option for parish missions!

What Does Paul Do When He Comes to Your Church?

When Paul is invited to a parish, he brings an exhortative speaking and music ministry. The messages in his songs and spoken word lift people up and offer inspiration to their spirits – something we all need as often as possible.  When Paul visits a parish for his afternoon/evening of reflection or concert weekend series, he plays anywhere from two to three songs as a prelude to Mass, and two songs as part of the Mass (he does NOT take the place of your regular musicians or cantors but rather is merely an additional contributor). He can do a prelude song entitled Celebrate The Mass, found on the CD titled FREE ME, an Offertory song entitled Thank You Lord, found on the CD titled THANK YOU LORD, a Communion song using either Jesus I Hear You from the FREE ME CD or Take Me In Your Arms or Had I Known from the THANK YOU LORD CD. and finally an optional meditation/post-communion song such as God Is Calling You from the FREE ME CD or Look To The Future found on THANK YOU LORD. Note: You can listen to these and other songs from Paul’s two CDs by clicking on either of the players to the right.

After playing at your congregation’s weekend Masses Paul will follow up with a Sunday afternoon/evening of reflection or concert of 90 minutes. For a schedule of Paul’s usual stipends, simply email or call for the most current price sheets. You can talk about all the specifics by telephone with Paul at any time.

In addition to doing parish reflections and concerts, Paul  does special functions such as parish missions, retreats, youth ministry events, talks, fund raisers and personal development workshops for church staff.

To learn more, or to schedule a phone interview, call Paul at (262) 939-7456 today!