Days or Evenings of Reflection are a great way to bring the parish community together…

Parish Reflections are simply a get together to focus or reflect on a them, message, or just an occasion to worship in a different way.

A Reflection can be 90 minutes to 2 hours with a social before, during (as an intermission), or after the reflection time. Reflections are a combination of spoken word and music (a little less music than a parish concert). Many people refer to Reflections as “mini-retreats”.You can pick a theme or let Paul craft a theme for a Parish Reflection. If you don’t have a set theme, Paul’s “igniting the light of Christ within You’ theme is always well-received as its inspirational tone lifts up the entire Parish!

Anytime is a good time for this type of an event. Advent and Lent are special times for this practice!

Reflections are a great way for congregations, that do not have a Parish Mission budget , to do some special event to bring the Parish together.

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