Paul has studied personal development for his entire adult life.

Paul obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing in his early 20’s from a large mid western university. After graduating college, he began his professional business career by taking an outside sales position with a Fortune 100 company.

By age 25 Paul had started his own consulting business teaching Personal Goal Setting Techniques, Time Management, and Attitude Development to individuals and small companies in the Chicago, Illinois marketplace. Paul was schooled under Success Motivation Institute and was a top 5% national achiever with that organization. This venture was essentially the start of his personal mentoring experience.

Paul saw a huge gap in the “positive attitude culture” and felt that there needed to be a greater development of focusing on the Power of God rather than the all too expansive discussion of “self power”. His teachings and workshops include personal development with a strong emphasis on the spiritual part of one’s self.

He can design a workshop to fit your Parish needs or you can choose form one of the workshops courses below:

* Personal Goal Setting (with specific emphasis on the key elements to a well constructed goal – a great template for ministries to use!)
* Effective Time Management (the best formula ever as time management is impossible – learn why!)
* Attitude Development (the power of belief)

To learn more, or to schedule a phone interview, call Paul Koleske at (262) 939-7456 today!