Are these times really that bad?


So many are very concerned at the challenges facing them concerning the economy, the stock market and ….

While these days appear to have some well-defined "obstacles", we must be careful not to look only at the obstacles and take our eyes off our goals.

For those of us in the "faith business", our goal is to help people connect with their spiritual self and deepen their personal relationship with God.

When times are tough, it is easier for us to hear God. It has been said that God whispers to us when times are good and shouts to us when times are lean!

These days provide us all with an opportunity to look deeper within ourselves and hear God’s call in the midst of stressing challenges…

Ask yourself these questions to weather the apparent storms:

What can I do now to make spiritual progress in my life?

What is God asking me to do right now and what action can I take despite the circumstances around me?

Don’t ask "why me", instead ask for what purpose?

Remember to be careful not to let the circumstances in your life freeze your ability to take action and do some good right where you are at!

God is bigger that the economy, the stock market and….anything else in your life that appears to be limiting you at this time!

Peter walked on water and only began sinking when he took his eyes off Jesus… food for thought!