Check out this Contemporary Christian CD!

If you want a contemporary Christian CD with great sounds and strong lyrical content, you need to listen to my latest CD; THANK YOU LORD.

I’ve always thought it made sense to be able to clearly hear the words in songs. That’s why I have the vocals “placed up front” in each of the thirteen songs on the THANK YOU LORD CD. The upfront vocals are clear and people say I have a vocal tone similar to James Taylor. If that is the case then you know the lyrical content of each song is delivered with a very soothing feel.

In my church concert series I speak about the deeper spiritual meaning behind the words and it adds so much to the listening experience. I hope you can come out to one of my concerts when I am in your area.

You can look and listen to what I do by going to

Even though I’ve been a Contemporary Christian singer, songwriter and speaker for a number of years, my entry into the cyberside of the arena has been relatively recent.

The next time I blog it will focus on my Youth Ministry series. Until then take care and God Bless!!!