A Wonderful Weekend in Port Huron, MI!

A heartfelt thank you to all the staff and parishioners at St. Stephen’s and St Joseph’s churches in Port Huron Michigan! You all made it such a wonderful visit for me….

I came away with the feeling that it’s time to record another CD, not of the music variety, but of the spoken word that introduces each song during the concert. As if my to do list wasn’t big enough already!!!

I am always amazed as I learn of special stories and circumstances that people experience to confirm or deepen their faith. God Bless each and everyone in your faith community!

The totally “live versions” of THANK YOU LORD and TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS was a surprise change for me and it worked well- again, thanks to all who helped.

It’s such a boost to see congregations with such vibrant energy respond to the concert weekend setting!

Until next time……May the Peace of Christ be with you now and always!!!