Contemporary Christian Music/Speaking Ministry

Paul Koleske gives a double presentation when he performs his contemporary Christian music at churches throughout the united states of America.

Earlier this summer in Portage Michigan (a few miles from Kalamazoo) Paul Koleske gave the audience at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic church a full look and listen at his Christian music/speaking ministry.

When you see Paul Koleske in concert you’re really seeing a combination of his musicianship and his gift for speaking.

One concert goer said; “This was just as much an evening of reflection as it was a musical event. I came expecting the music but was surprised when Mr. Koleske’s spoken word moved me very deeply!”

After the concert it became clear to those in attendance that Koleske has the ability to conduct parish missions as well as youth ministry events at churches large and small across the country.

Mike Kiebel, Director of Music and Artistic Director of the Siena Arts Program had this to say; “It is rare to find someone who is not only a musician, but also one who knows what it means to minister to others through music. Following paul Koleske’s appearance at liturgy, and again following his concert, many people mentioned to me how his powerful original music, as well as his faith which inspired it, touched them. This is indeed ministry in the truest sense of the word. God has blessed Paul with gifts of musicianship, ministry and witness, and we appreciate his sharing them with our faith community!”

To inquire about Paul’s dual ministry go to to learn how your church can benefit from this Christian music/speaking ministry.