Parish Mission Testimonials

St.Mary of the Lake Church – Hamburg, NY – Rev. Edward (Fr. Ted) Jost
“He’s a speaker on the level of Matthew Kelly; but he also sings and brings more heart to the experience!”

Queen of Heaven Church – Uniontown, OH – Fr. David R. Durkee
Paul is a dynamic speaker that relates well to the “people in the pews

St. Jude the Apostle Church – Lewes, DE – Rev. Thomas A. Flowers
…instead of the usual hundred or so attendees, about four hundred people were gathered in the church!

Our Lady of Hope Church – Rosemont, IL – Rev. John W. Clemens
Paul has a relevant message that helps people apply scripture teachings to their everyday lives.

Holy Family – Fairfield, CT – Rev. Norman J. Guilbert, Jr.
Paul draws the listener in to a deeper reality where the Holy Spirit dwells.

St. Jude Church – Elyria, OH – Fr. Frank Kosem
The response of our folks was the best we have ever had.

Maria Lanakila Catholic Church – Lahaina, Maui, HI – Fr. Gary Colton
His love for our Eucharistic Church is very obvious…

The Shepherd’s Voice – Pittsburgh, PA – Fr. Tom Burke
After hearing Paul Koleske give his powerful conversion story … this person has now “returned home” to the Catholic Church!

Christ Our Light Catholic Church – Loudonville, NY – Neghi Graziano
In short, the Parish loved it!

Good Shepherd Parish – Berlin, NH – Rev. Mark E. Dollard
My parishes are predominantly elderly and they fully appreciated his presentation and music.

St. Mary Church – Rochester, NH – Rev. Daniel J. Sinibaldi
Paul’s’Igniting the Light of Christ within You’ Parish Mission was an absolute hit here at St. Mary’s.

Blessed Sacrament Church – Cocoa, FL – Fr. Tony Quinlivan
I loved the way you brought the parishioners alive and attentive to the Gospel…

St. Bernadette Parish – Monroeville, PA – Rev. Tony Gargotta
The mission was fantastic!

St. Mary of the Assumption Parish Family – Glenshaw, PA – James P. Finn
Paul truly lives out his baptismal call…

Concert/Reflection Testimonials

Our Lady of Hope – Port Orange, FL – Rev. Christopher A. Hoffman
God has given him a calling to spread the truth of the Eucharist, the power of prayer, and the desire of God for our holiness.

St. Tarcissus Parish – Chicago. IL – Fr. Mike Solazzo
The people who attended this event were mesmerized by his music and his message.

Blessed Junipero Serra Parish – Lancaster, CA – Fr. Leo DeChant
…soundness of your theology as you shared your faith and your personal conversion journey.

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church – Portage, MI – Mike Kiebel
This is indeed ministry, in the truest sense of the word.”

St. Charles CHurch – Pittsfield, MA – Rev. Peter A. Gregory
…you will be assured and graced with his deep faith, inspired songs and trust in God…

Church of Pax Christi – Rochester, MN – Fr. Joe Fogal
His evening hour and a half concert was more like a retreat with music interspersed with thoughtful reflection.

Holy Family & St. Lawrence Church – Essex Junction, VT – Rev. Charles H. Ranges
His presence was very prayerful…

Queenship of Mary – Northampton, PA – Msgr. John S. Campbell
There was a very positive reaction among all the different age groups who attended…

St. Mark’s Catholic Church – Independence, MO – Brian J. Bacon, Jr.
You have left an everlasting impression on my community.

St. Malachy Church – Tehachapi, CA – Fr. Roger D. LeDuc
…in his reflections and in his music he is able to find that essential simple faith that helps to bring us back to the basics of our beliefs.

St. Pius X Parish – Omaha, NE – Fr. John L. Pietramale
Our parishioners were moved by his gift and many souls were touched…

St. Michael Parish – Canfield, OH – Rev. Terrence J. Hazel
…without hesitation I highly recommend him to you.

St. Anthony’s Church – Portsmouth, RI – Rev. Daniel J. Gray
You have a unique message to bring…

St. Victoria Parish Family – Victoria, MN – Patricia Schlader
Anyone who has the opportunity to have him come and share his gift of song and faith story is fortunate.

St. Michael Parish Community – Exeter, NH – Rev. Marc R. Montminy
Hearts were changed and lives were touched deeply.